3 ways to have thick hair

By | March 19, 2020
3 ways to have thick hair
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3 ways to have thick hair:

  1. Keep your hair solid and hydrated.

Castor oil is an extraordinary regular solution to give your hair a delicate sheen. Take a stab at utilizing it as a profound molding veil, rubbing the castor oil into your hair and roots at that point covering it for an hour or two. From that point forward, you’ll need to cleanser and condition your hair because an excess of oil can hazard leaving your hair limp and oily.


2.Proper nutrition


A nutritious eating regimen that contains energizing fats, protein, and scope of vitamins can help with diminishing or flimsy hair. Indeed, slim hair can be an indication that an individual isn’t getting enough supplements.


To help cure this, individuals with slender hair ought to incorporate a portion of the accompanying supplement rich sustenances in their weight control plans:


salmon, which is high in protein and unsaturated fats


eggs, which contain protein, omega3, and iron


pecans, almonds, and different nuts, which are wellsprings of unsaturated fats


  1. Get a scalp to knead.


See, this is a tiny report, however, it says that scalp back rub can make your hair thicker.

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